Once The Musical

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Role: Venue: , | Date: 09/2018

I was Sound Designer for Once the Musical produced by the New Wolsey Theatre along with Queens Theatre. Once is a well known modern musical performed by actor-musicians. This brings it’s own challenges with every actor needing to be mic’d along with all of their instruments. The show is a very delicate mix, intentionally sounding acoustic; as soon as anything sounds amplified, you’ve lost the intimacy of the show.

I employed MKE2 capsules on all of the cast, aiming for hiding them in the hairline on the majority of the cast, apart from those with hats, or a thin hairline. I think the team has done a great job hiding the mics on everyone. The majority of the instruments also have MKE2 capsules on them, with all of the guitars using their internal pickups. All in, a total of 30 channels of wireless.

Along with the QL5 doing all of the mixing work on the show, there is a MRX7D doing matrixing and delays for multiple groups from the console; enabling a few different options for vocals and instruments to be processed. E.g. a backing vocals group is spread wide across the system, whereas the lead vocal is straight down the center. This lets some of the ensemble numbers open up in the room, whilst keeping the quieter intimate songs remain just that.

Our Blue Heaven

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Role: Venue: | Date: 05/2018

The Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich created a piece of theatre to commemorate Ipswich Town FC’s FA Cup win in 1978. The piece followed the storylines of different families on the lead up to the FA Cup win including all of the games in the tournament. A band of actor musicians were used as a soundtrack for the dance sequences that interpreted the different matches.

The sound design encompassed loud lively music, along with dialogue interwoven with the action in the matches. A tricky balance to strike. Along with this, the recording and edit of a voiceover for the commentator throughout the show was needed.

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Up n Under

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Role: Venue: , | Date: 02/2018

I was Sound designer for Fingersmith’s touring production of Up n Under. We incorporated live Audio Description from an actor on the stage, and used creative captions throughout the show. We toured an audio description kit for audience members needing to use it to access the show. The sound design consisted of on stage toured speakers and venue’s systems. The abstract set meant that sound was used to try and create a sense of where the scene was set. This also worked for blind members of the audience; enhancing the experience.

Beauty & The Beast

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Role: Venue: | Date: 11/2017

I was Sound Designer for Queens Theatre Hornchurch’s production of Beauty & The Beast 2017. Working with a wonderful creative team including Director Martin Berry, Designer Keith Orton, Lighting Designer Prema Mehta, Musical Director Dan de Cruz, Choreographer Sundeep Kent.

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Sword in the Stone

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Role: Venue: | Date: 12/2015

I was Sound Engineer on the Wolsey Theatre’s production of The Sword in the Stone this year. I programmed and opped the CL3 throughout the run. All the cast were on headmics which aided with the underscore on the intro on the majority of the songs. As usual, handhelds were used for the songs.

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Corporate AV

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Role: Venue: | Date: 11/2015


Working with Greenspark Productions, I was Sound Engineer for a conference, awards and entertainment show in Brighton. The set was a 1 1/2 day build, and a 3 hour getout. I used the LS9 with a stagebox to mix the 10 ways of RF, and the entertainment in the evening. Which included Andreas Faustini off of Xfactor, and a team from Priscilla the musical.

Corporate Roadshows

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Role: Venue: | Date: 07/2015


This summer I was involved in a roadshow event for the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Contracted by Greenspark Productions. We toured to locations around the UK for interactive staff meetings. One of the reasons for the meetings was a series of change within the organisation. Greenspark used a number of innovative techniques to help the staff interact with the management and convey opinions across to the board. Table discussions, Interactive voting with live results, Q&A sessions and informative videos were used to convey their message. I was part of the tech team that toured around. This involved setting up the equipment and set at each location and running the systems for the events.