Hello. You've found the Sound page. There are a few more sub pages where you can find out a little more about projects and events I have worked on in the past. 

Sound Engineer

*Pyros: Go* What do I mean by sound engineer? Depends on what the gig is! In a theatre setting it may mean programming a sound desk to the requirements of the Sound Designer and continuing to run the show once the production week is over. This may involve mixing music and microphones pinned to actors running around a stage. In a live music venue/gig this may be a little more 'on the fly' mixing. Patching in some mics and hit the ground running. On a smaller gig it would probably mean mixing monitors as well. 


A lot of the time, the role of the designer/engineer may be rolled into one. You might get a heads-up from the band on the kind of sound they want. Hopefully you've done some research before the gig as to what kind of music they play and heard some of their songs so you have something to aim for in your head. But strictly being a designer, you are more than likely going to be responsible for specifying the sound system; both FOH & monitors, creating/finding sound effects, telling the programmer what you want, probably mixing a bit. Also interpreting what the musical director is aiming for and translating it into 'bit of EQ here' and a 'compressor on this'.

Just my 2p