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I was Sound designer for Fingersmith’s touring production of Up n Under. We incorporated live Audio Description from an actor on the stage, and used creative captions throughout the show. We toured an audio description kit for audience members needing to use it to access the show. The sound design consisted of on stage toured speakers and venue’s systems. The abstract set meant that sound was used to try and create a sense of where the scene was set. This also worked for blind members of the audience; enhancing the experience.

Here is a video of the dream sequence in the show. Adam was signing the dream he was having before a big match in the play. All of the voiceover was pre-recorded, and sound was used to set the scene and take you on a journey as he signed. It was tricky lining up the recorded audio with what was being signed. He can’t slow down his signing as he can’t hear the the track – but he was very consistent in his timings, which worked for the show!

A fingersmiths and New Wolsey Theatre co-production of John Godber’s ‘Up ’n’ Under’ Feb 2018 directed by Jeni Draper
With Adam Bassett and voice of Joshua Hayes
Filmed at New Wolsey Theatre by Joshua Carver and Alex Bird
Sound Design: James Cook