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Role: Venue: , | Date: 09/2018

I was Sound Designer for Once the Musical produced by the New Wolsey Theatre along with Queens Theatre. Once is a well known modern musical performed by actor-musicians. This brings it’s own challenges with every actor needing to be mic’d along with all of their instruments. The show is a very delicate mix, intentionally sounding acoustic; as soon as anything sounds amplified, you’ve lost the intimacy of the show.

I employed MKE2 capsules on all of the cast. The majority of the instruments also have MKE2 capsules on them, with all of the guitars using their internal pickups. All in, a total of 30 channels of wireless.

Along with the QL5 doing all of the mixing work on the show, there is a MRX7D doing matrixing and delays for multiple groups from the console; enabling a few different options for vocals and instruments to be processed.