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Role: Venue: | Date: 12/2020

I Sound Designed The Snow Queen for the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich in 2020. We managed to produce and perform the show inbetween local lockdowns during the Covid-19 Pandemic both to an audience in the theatre, and live streamed every show to an audience at home and around the world.

To minimise contact between the ‘actors bubble’ and a ‘crew bubble’ we double mic’d the cast and ensured rehearsals were carefully managed with respect to distaning between bubbles. When it came to mixing the show, we had two separate consoles – one mixing in the room and monitors, and one mixing the live stream.

The show is a new ‘blended’ style of performance with live and recorded elements being shown along with live music from Actor Musicians playing along with a click track – something the Rock’n’Roll Pantos haven’t done before.

Writer & Director: Peter Rowe
Musical Director: Ben Goddard
Choreographer: Francesca Jaynes
Lighting Designer: David Phillips
Sound Designer: James Cook
Video Designer: Peter Hazelwood